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What The Heck Is . . . Mental Health?

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

The snow from last week’s historic storm may have melted and the sun may be warm and bright; however, many Texans are just now processing the traumatic experience of not having access to some of our basic human needs like shelter, water, food and a temperate environment. Many are not only physically drained, but are also mental and energetic distressed.

When we endure such traumatic experiences like this, it is essential to care for our mental health and to honor and nourish the way we are feeling on a more emotional level. Whether working with and healing your mental wellbeing is a new practice or something well established in your life, it is helpful to have a fundamental understanding of - what is mental health?

Mental health is the umbrella that takes into account elements like your biological factors (such as genes or brain chemistry), your life experiences (such as trauma, abuse, relationships or resources) and your family history’s mental health. When we lean into our mental health, we work to understand these elements and the impact they have on our life. In this way, we get to work with the knowledge of our biology, life experience, and family history to live an empowered and authentic life rather than one dictated and limited by these factors.

During this time, may you create the time and space you deserve to honor your own healing, to nourish your health (body, mind and soul), and receive the support and guidance you need along the way. While each person’s journey will be unique, there is one thing that each of us can count on - this will be hard and there will most certainly be pain. Take care to surround yourself with as many resources as possible and people who genuinely have your back. It won’t be easy, but I truly believe it will lead you to a more loving, connected and abundant life.

This is the first post in a new series I like to call, “What The Heck Is ….”, which I hope to share in order research based information, personal antidotes and relevant resources with this community. If there are topics you’re curious to learn more about, please send me a note.

From my heart to yours,


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